International collaboration

We welcome the grad students all over the world in Hiroshima.

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We welcome the international students and collaboration to facilitate our progress in neuroscience. With the international background in Hiroshima, our lab encourages the students and researcher to develop their careers by scholarship and grants. Indeed, our lab members from a variety of countries all over the world weekly hold the meeting for the progress report and journal club. We also discuss the textbook to help the international students to understand the basics in neuroscience, optics and data science periodically.

Lab members from the countries all over the world

On the other hand, our research is extended by collaborations with researcher all over the world. For example, we have invited the researcher from US, UK and China to discuss and perform experiments together to develop new technologies in neuroscience.

As an international and research university, Hiroshima university helps the students and researcher who do not speak Japanese to learn Japanese and Japanese culture through specific classes and socials (international luncheon parties).

Contact us if you are interested in joining us!

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Hidenori Aizawa
Hidenori Aizawa

Principal investigator in Neurobiology lab in Hiroshima. His research interests include brain machinery underlying the pathophysiology of psychiatric and neurological disorders.

Meina Zhu
Meina Zhu

Dr. Zhu got a MD in China and came to join our lab as a graduate student. She works for a role of the ventral striatum in the depressive-like behaviors of mice.