[2024-03-29] Graduate students Miao-san and Li-san earned master degrees.

[2024-03-22] Handa-san presented a poster in 129th annual meeting of the Japanese association of anatomists. [Link]

[2024-02-18] Dr. Kikutani won Roche Infectious Disease Award 2023! [Link]

[2024-02-07] We posted an article examining the interaction between left and right cerebral cortex to biorxiv. [Link]

[2024-02-05] A graduate student Miao-san won excellent presenter award with his master thesis.

[2024-01-30] A graduate student Oishi-san presented a poster in International Conference on Neuroscience and Osteoimmunology. [Link]

[2024-01-30] Prof. Aizawa gave a special talk in International Conference on Neuroscience and Osteoimmunology. [Link]

[2023-10-14] Dr. Handa gave a talk in the annual meeting of the Chugoku-Shikoku branch of the Japanese Association of Anatomists.

[2023-10-12] Prof. Aizawa gave an invited talk in Naito conference on Glia World. [Link] [Link]

[2023-10-01] A graduate student Ma-san joined our lab. [Link]

[2023-10-01] A graduate student Zhang-san defended her master thesis and enrolled to the doctor course in Hiroshima University.

[2023-08-24] We updated our lab information on The Zebrafish Information Network (ZFIN). [Link] [Link]

[2023-08-15] A collaboraty study with Fujita health university was published in Current Biology. [Link]

[2023-08-02] Drs. Handa, Matsumata and Kasaragod presented posters in Neuro2023 at Sendai. [Link]

[2023-05-29] Dr. Kasaragod published a paper on a novel 3D microscope. [Link] [Link]

[2023-02-21] Prof. Aizawa gave a talk on a role of the habenular astrocytes in Sendai. [Link]

[2023-02-21] Prof. Aizawa made a courtesy call to the Ministry of Higher Education of Uzbekistan. [Link]

[2022-11-26] Prof. Aizawa gave a talk in the congress of the Japan Headache Society (Tokyo). [Link]

[2022-10-27] A study by Kikutani-san was accepted for publication in journal SHOCK. [Link]

[2022-07-01] Handa-san presented recent results in Neuro2022 at Okinawa. 

[2022-04-01] Three undergrad students joined our lab to complete practices in medical sciences.

[2022-04-01] We welcomed two international grad students as well as a technical staff.

[2022-03-31] Three grad students left lab with PhD degree. [Link]

[2021-12-22] We published a collaborative work on a role of ketamine as an antidepressant in Brain Communications. [Link]

[2021-12-05] A paper by Zhu-san (international grad student) was elected as “Featured article” in eNeuro.

[2021-12-03] Prof. Aizawa gave a keynote talk in ZEBRAFISH & MEDAKA-BASED DRUG DISCOVERY SOCIETY 2021 (Ise city).

[2021-11-08] A graduate student Haruhi Terai was awarded Next-Generation Fellowship as one of the best fellows.

[2021-11-05] A graduate student Haruhi Terai published a paper on the spreading depolarization in zebrafish. [Link]

[2021-10-25] A graduate student Mayeso Gwedela published a paper on the anti-seizure effect of Malawian herbs. [Link]

[2021-09-10] A graduate student Zhu-san published a paper on a novel tool measuring mouse home cage activity in eNeuro. [Link]

[2021-07-30] An undergraduate student Takano-san (dispatched to University of Tokyo, Ikegaya lab) won an excellent award in the intramural contest.

[2021-07-30] An undergraduate student Ono-kun won an impressive award in the intramural contest.[Link]

[2021-05-28] We resume working for the weekly neuroscience club to disucss topics in neuroscience freely.[Link]

[2021-04-01] We welcomed technical assistants and a medical student to our lab.

[2021-03-24] International student Tan-san received master degree with the thesis.[Link]

[2021-02-16] Giga-san defended successfully his PhD. Congratulation! [Link]

[2020-12-21] Giga-san in the graduate course published a paper on a role of TSPO in sepsis-associated brain damage.[Link]

[2020-10-28] Dr. Kasaragod in the lab published a paper on 3D microscope. [Link]

[2020-09-24] Dr. Kikutani published a review paper on a role of TSPO in mental disorders following intensive care. [Link]

[2020-09-24] Dr. Ito published a paper showing a novel gene responsible for depressive-like behaviors in mice. [Link]